HerbiGold rebrand to form PUREAGEN®

HerbiGold Rebrand 

PUREAGEN® launched on 1 July 2019 from the creator of HerbiGold. From a business that started out with a passion and just one product a year ago…..Whole plant hemp oil. Herbigold has rebranded on a much larger scale with new and improved golden oils plus lots of new top-quality products. 

herbigold rebrand pureagen cbd oil

HerbiGold most popular product was Lemon 600 which was available in 1200mg carried in hempseed oil. Pureagen® wanted to expand the range of flavoured hemp oils and include not only lemon but also strawberry, peppermint, orange, and rose. After much research, we decided to use MCT oil as the carrier oil for these flavours. MCT oil is becoming a popular choice for many people as it has its own nutritional benefits. Herbigold customers that are happy with the Lemon in hempseed oil can still buy that from us.

The HerbiGold rebrand to form Pureagen® has been an opportunity to make exciting changes and introduce new products such as Multi collagen powder. This product has been so successful we will be introducing a range of other collagen-based products very soon. So if you love the Multi Collagen powder you should follow us on Facebook and join our information group Live healthier Naturally with Puregan®



Is adding Collagen powder to your diet the secret to youthful skin and stronger hair and nails? Many people believe that it is! This is because as we age our collagen production depletes so it makes perfect sense to add it back in via a supplement form. Hydrolised Collagen also known as collagen peptides,  is more than just protein powder. It is packed with the amino acids your body needs to build and repair your skin, bones, and joints and gut.  PUREAGEN® Multi collagen powder is tasteless and odourless and is easily mixed into your favourite drinks or recipes

HerbiGold rebrand to form PUREAGEN®


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